Coral, a fomite


Direction, choreography and performance: Miguel Ballarín

Research assistance: Darío Alva and Diego Navarro

Music and sound: Diego Navarro

Props and visual design: Darío Alva

Production: Art i Context Programme, IVAM

Coral: that, broken, body, mine. Planetary: a fomite

Exercise of care, giving the body what it asks for, even if it is not what it wants.

Amidst the technique there is something not unlike a home, or a drain, a spiral and magnetic, centripetal place. Not always the one that one would like to correspond to. A confusion calls this “style”. To accept this place is also to accept oneself (one’s body). To master it is to self-recognize and is very similar to self-loving.

Some goldfish could live there.

That place is not inside, it is a confection, it requires study and assembly. It is a way of getting inside from the outside: a specular exercise. Things are mirrors and explain themselves to each other. The intimate is that which, within oneself, needs of another to explore; solitude is not intimate. There are intimacies of form.

In other words: personal movement is social, learned, appropriated and modulated by each one. It is an occupying and a reforming. How to inhabit what others have built for themselves? With what material to build what does not yet exist? How did Lorca write the Romancero?
I think that the minimal unit is used to measure itself: it is classical. Introductory episode: I see the lamp in its own light and it illuminates the rest.

The marrow of the dance could be one posture and another and the movement between the two (it would be twice as much a sculpture than not). This is a frivolity. Dance is a continuum that we think of as discrete: step by step.

There are steps that are foundations and give us security, knowing how to go from them, in many ways, and to arrive at them, in many others. They are nodes, crossroads, intersections, junctions, vestibules of the rest. That is the board. One point and another and another, and the paths between them. The labyrinth. The constellation. The navigational chart.

The map is a vibrant, powerful object, the tinder that spreads one same fire. Wisdom confesses that it is not up to us to begin to draw it nor to finish it. But we can share it with whoever wants to take part in. An observatory of unnumbered squares. It is a guipure, geometric and exempt, a decisive voyage and a shared astrarium that alas was never mine.